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DIGITbrain is an EU innovation program which has the vision to unleash manufacturers' innovation potential through Digital Twins.
DIGITbrain will offer easy access to Digital Twins to manufacturing companies who will, by their use, be able to rationalise the manufacturing process, make predictions regarding expected machine failures and can predict maintenance needs.

The project started with 36 partners from all over Europe in July 2020 and offered the opportunity for another 35-40 companies to join the project in two open calls. Selected new beneficiaries will receive funding from the European Commission to perform experimentation to build a Digital Twin for manufacturing. Through the successful implementation of 21 application experiments during the project lifetime which serve to validate DIGITbrain solution, DIGITbrain Project will follow its mission to become “the leading European community-driven workspace for leveraging Digital Twins”!

Digital Twins for Manufacturing SMEs - DIGITbrain's innovative approach

Compared to the digital twin concept, which is already increasingly used by manufacturing companies today, the DIGITbrain concept will go one step further by developing the 'Digital Product Brain' which will store data throughout the entire life cycle of a production line or a machine. By collecting all this data, it will be possible to customise and set-up machines / production assets for very specific manufacturing tasks whenever needed. This will enable a new manufacturing model, called Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS), which will allow for on-demand production of much more specialised products, even in smaller quantities and still in an economically profitable way.

Two Open Calls to win new beneficiaries to perform application experiments in this project

This project is supporting more than 20 highly innovative cross-border experiments (7 started with the project and at least 14 new will be acquired as a result of the two Open Calls with a total budget of 1.4M€), bringing together technology providers and manufacturing end-users to perform experimentation. Experiments are focused on enabling the customization of Industrial Products (intended as systems operated by manufacturing companies to support the production of the final consumer products) and facilitating cost-effective distributed and localised production for manufacturing SMEs or mid-caps, by leveraging edge, cloud and HPC based modelling, simulation, optimisation, analysis, and machine learning tools.

The 1st Open Call for application experiments ha been open from 31st March 2021 for three months until the End of June 2021. The 2nd Open Call for application experiments had been open from 28th February 2022 for three months until the End of May 2022. The proposals that have been received by the project during this second open call are now evaluated and new beneficiaries will be announced at the beginning of September 2022.

Three waves of application experiments to validate the DIGITbrain Solution

In its lifetime, the project will implement 21 highly innovative experiments, each bringing together a team of a manufacturing end-user, technology providers, research organisations, High Performance Computing providers or Digital Innovation Hubs. Those teams of experts collaborate on the implementation an individual use case-based Digital Twin that solves a problem of the involved manufacturer.
The first wave of experiments was implemented by partners of the initial project consortium. It started in July 2020 and was completed in September 2021. Experiments dealt with processes as well as product optimisation based on digital twins. The digital twin technology was applied in the areas of fabric production optimisation, laser-cutting and forming of aluminium, powder bed fusion and agricultural robots. The second wave of experiments was selected in the first Open Call for application experiments by DIGITbrain (open from 31st March 2021 for three months until the End of June 2021). Seven out of 27 submitted proposals had been accepted. The selected use cases of wave 2 are dealing with digital twins in the context of different areas of manufacturing engineering, like agile changes in tailor-made industrial automation solutions, coil coating, rotary dryers, medical devices, the automotive sector, and 3D printing. The third wave of experiments was selected our of 37 submitted proposals in the second open call. The selected experiment partners started their work at the end of 2022 and will complete experiments within 12 months.

Third wave of experiments

The partners and experiments  joining the project in its third experimentation wave of experiments are currently being selected. Overall a sum of 684.600 EUR financial support for Third Parties has been available to support 7 experiments. DIGITbrain will grant up to 97,800 EUR per experiment iin this experimentation round, which will allow the specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Each experiment will bring together a manufacturing end-user and technology providers to perform experimentation, in order to validate the DIGITbrain solution. New beneficiaries will be announced at the beginning of September.

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The DIGITbrain project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 952071.

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