Digital Marketplace for MaaS

The DIGITbrain project is deeply rooted in the innovation ecosystem of the I4MS project CloudiFacturing and the industrial platforms FIWARE and IDS, and it will build on these results, by means of extending the CloudiFacturing solution with an augmented digital-twin concept called “Digital Product Brain” (DPB) and a smart business model called “Manufacturing as a Service” (MaaS).


Digital Product Brain and Manufacturing as a Service

By having access to on-demand data, models, algorithms, and resources for industrial products (i.e. mechatronic systems supporting the production of other products), the "Digital Product Brain" will enable their customisation and adaptation according to individual conditions. The availability of industrial-product capacity will facilitate the implementation of MaaS, which will allow manufacturing SMEs to access advanced manufacturing facilities within their regions or to distribute their orders across different ones.

Evolution of the concept of digital twin

The Digital Brain will constitute an evolution of the concept of the digital twin, expanding it to a smart entity, by empowering it with analysis and decision support capabilities, allowing the agile adaptation and evolution of industrial products.

The integration of simulation tools, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence mechanisms will boost the operation and performance of the Digital Brain, bringing an innovative solution to rapidly and efficiently model digital twins, while the integration of the Digital Brain into the CloudiFacturing Digital Agora will provide a standards-based ecosystem on which digital twin models can be deployed, executed, and exploited. This will represent a revolutionary breakthrough for the digital twin market, enabling the democratisation of the digital twin use and a shift toward the use of the Digital Brain.

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