DIGITbrain’s 1st Open Call attracted broad interest all over Europe and beyond – new beneficiaries will be announced soon!

62 organisations (with 50 being SMEs)* from 11 Countries applied until closing date on June 30th.

The first DIGITbrain Open Call, launched on last 31st March, was a resounding success counting a total of 27 proposals received until closing date on 30th June. 62 different organizations from 11 European Countries seized the opportunity to apply for project participation. Those accepted will get funded at the implementation of their individual digital twin experiment over 12 months starting in October 2021. A total of 100.000 Euros funding will be available for every use case experiment.

The geographical spread of applications** reflects the active engagement of the DIHs and their respective innovation ecosystems, also encompassing applications coming from organisations established in newer European Member States, Associated Countries and the UK.

Besides the glaring and strong will of SMEs and Mid-Caps to innovate the manufacturing sector, the Open Call's success is also due to the multi-layered work of DIGITbrain’s European DIHs. START 4.0 (Italy), IMR, (Ireland), Itainnova (Spain), Innomine (Hungary), DIGIT (Denmark), SMACC (Finland), the Technical Core Partners and the Innovation Accelerator CTA, responsible for Cascade Funding, have provided qualified advice from matchmaking over proposal writing, up to technical consulting for each use case, also enabling cross border consortia for wider impacts while nurturing new commercial relationships.

What's next

Proposals selection, led by CTA and involving 16 Independent Evaluators, has started right after the Open Call and will las until 31st of August 2021, including the eligibility check process in the first two weeks. The contracting process with Third Parties will take one further month, from 1st to 30th September 2021. After that, selected beneficiaries will take up work on their experiments for the following 12 months, being able to count on DIHs’ technical and business support along experiments design, implementation and exploitation, in order to maximise their impact.

On every Open Call, DIGITbrain will add 7 new highly innovative experiments, bringing together at least one technology provider and a manufacturing end-user, each implementing an individual use case-based Digital Twin. Experiments can cover the manufacturing sector at large, including for example discrete manufacturing, continuous production, or construction.

Seize your opportunity and apply for our second Open Call to be launched on March 2022!

Update from 6. September 2021! - New beneficiaries will be announced during the next days!

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* Third Parties were eligible for epplication, when they are legally constituted and established in the European Member States, Associated Countries or the United Kingdom. To see Horizon 2020 country profiles, go to: https://ec.europa.eu/info/research-and-innovation/statistics/framework-programme-facts-and-figures/horizon-2020- country-profiles_en
** Noticeably, the origin of each proposal is driven by the Country where the manufacturing end-user is established and where the Digital Twin is implemented.

DIGITbrain's approach goes a step beyond currently available technology related to digital twins.
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