1st General Assembly (Digital Meeting)

DIGITbrain's General Assembly

In the last days, our project members are busy to get ready for the first General Assembly of the H2020 Innovation Action DIGITbrain - upcoming Thursday and Friday, we will meet up in the virtual space to present the overall status of the project activities and it's the first wave of experiments, which are currently being performed.


Agenda for the General Assembly

Thursday, 10th of December

  • morning session
    overall status of the project activities and commercialisation introduction
  • afternoon session
    experiments presentations, discussions, potential delays identification, and commercialisation approach

Friday, 11th of December  

  • morning session
    technical progress, exploitation, and open calls preparation


The democratization of Advanced Digital Solutions

The development of the Digital Product Brain will embrace the evolution of distributed and localized manufacturing service models (e.g. “Manufacturing as a Service / MaaS”) and will contribute towards the democratization of advanced digital solutions. Manufacturing as a Service holds many possibilities for manufacturers and engineers, but we cannot neglect lots of open technical, operational, commercial, and legal questions waiting to be answered.

DIGITbrain project and its partners will put the open question on the table to tackle these challenges as a team. Over project lifetime, we will conduct more than 20 MaaS use cases (2 Open Calls planned) in order to support European DIHs adapting new services in their regional networks.


DIGITbrain's umbrella initiative I4MS

I4MS is the initiative to digitalise the manufacturing industry in Europe, means to provide access to competences that can help in assessing, planning and mastering the digital transformation,  access to innovation networks of a broad spectrum of competences and best practice examples and financial support to SMEs and mid-caps on the demand and the supply side to master the digital transformation.

In other words, I4MS unites an impressive bunch of competencies, motivation, R&I projects and ambassadors that will support you and your team to achieve the desired digital transformation for the future.

Open Calls are ahead! Don't miss it!

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DIGITbrain's approach goes a step beyond currently available technology related to digital twins.
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