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Lecture: DIGITbrain – an extended approach to deliver new services for Digital Twin technologies

DIGITbrain has been accepted for a lecture at EGI Conference! DIGITbrain Project's goal is to enable customised Industrial Products and facilitate cost-effective distributed and localised production for manufacturing SMEs by applying modelling, simulation, optimisation, analytics and machine learning tools and augmenting the concept of Digital Twins with a memorising capacity.

Building on the CloudiFacturing Solution (and the Digital Agora), a platform for offering and consumption of digital services and outcome of a previous H2020 project, DIGITbrain Platform will extend this solution with new capabilities, like publishing, composing and orchestration of data, models, algorithms, and resources. The new solution integrates technologies like Clouds, FIWARE, co-simulation, Machine Learning, etc., in order to develop a MaaS (Manufacturing as a Service) business model to be implemented by the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) later on.

Technically DIGITbrain does not only offer the Digital Agora which users can author, publish and compose assets (Data, Model, Algorithm) on to be used and offered as a service on the DIGITbrain solution. Additionally further services are developed in technical experiments, like automated deployment, execution on Edge and Cloud, HPC resources and the memorising capability of the Digital Product Brain in order to monitor, explore and learn from the digital twins.
The Digital Product Brain itself is the coordinating building block of the DIGITbrain Solution and it aims to configure, manage, and monitor Digital Twins and their DMA (Data, Model, Algorithm) Tuples (representation of individual behaviors of Industrial Products).

The lecture will introduce the DIGITbrain Funding Program and support structure for SMEs, explain the benefits for participating SMEs and go into depth about the Digital Agora.

Participating in the project and making use of the DIGITbrain Digital Agora, participating SMEs will experience the following benefits:

  • expertise of our comptence centers and DIHs
  • consultancy for commercialisation of results
  • additional marketing and sales channel with the Digital Agora
  • channel to access to potentially new markets
  • community building

Registration for EGI is now open!

DIGITbrain's approach goes a step beyond currently available technology related to digital twins.
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